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critically review a published travel itinerary that includes travel to at least three (3) countries within Europe. A European travel itinerary of at least 7 days in duration can the source most be included in the resources section of the assignment. The five (5) page, double-spaced evaluation should include a title, the name of the countries/destinations, as well as major attractions highlighted in the tour. Although not a requirement, images/pictures enhance the quality of the evaluation, but they do not count toward the total 5 pages; in short, you should include images which will increase the length of your evaluation beyond the required 5 pages. The organization of the evaluation should follow a standard essay format: introduction paragraph, body (five-seven paragraphs) and a summary paragraph. A list of sources should also be included at the end of the evaluation.

Each evaluation should provide in-depth responses to the following:

  • What are the political, economic, and cultural elements which influence tourist travel between the countries on this itinerary? These elements may include visa requirements, currencies, affluence (GNP), historical relationships, or type of attractions visited.
  • What are the some of the cultural differences a traveler might experience with this itinerary, such as language, religious, social or other cultural behaviors that create a unique “sense of place” different from their home culture?
  • Highlight any specific domestic/international challenges that illustrate the cultural, economic, or political differences tourists might experience on this itinerary. For example, overtourism has become a significant economic and political issue in large cities (Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam), villages (Hallstatt, Fussen, Brighton) and islands (Santorini, Mallorca, Crete). And then there is the ramifications of BREXIT on travel between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe and the world.
  • Lastly, how does this itinerary increase understanding of diverse cultural norms and local values? Does the itinerary encourage participants to become a better global citizens by being more respectful of diverse lifestyles and local values, or to become better stewards of the world’s natural and cultural resources? If not, what specific recommendations do you have that would increase global awareness in the itinerary?

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