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I need a 5-page analysis on superheroes from the movie “Black Panther”. It is for a film class, but the focus should be on the analysis of the figure of the superhero. The draft will focus on concept development, skill practice, and revision. The final will focus on conceptual and argumentational refinement and skill demonstration.

Note: Because of the protracted time frame, primary sources for all papers should generally be restricted to films and texts in the course.

Response and Final Paper Information:

All formal writing assignments must follow these guidelines. Not following correct formatting with be penalized:

–Be formatted according to MLA

–Contain a works cited page

Heading format:

–Use one inch margins on all sides.

–12 pt, Times New Roman font

–Double spaced

–Last Name & Page # in top right corner

–Contains parenthetical citations

–Contains timestamp for the references made to the film

You have to incorporate the main concepts from the three articles attached. When talking about a specific part of the movie, you need to include the exact minute/second of it and include it in parentheses, like, (“Black Panther”, 30:44 — 30:58). And you need to talk about specific parts of the movie to support your argument.

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