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3000 words of reflective essa using Gibbs reflective cycle. The aim of this unit is to analyse and apply principles of health, well being, ethics and law in relation to the multifaceted needs of a culturally diverse popular.
Focus on one aspect of care given to a patient during your clinical nursing placement in your final year of nursing.

Make a case study which includes patients past medical history and sociology economic status. what happened, when and why? Critically synthesise the principles of professional placement practice, including ethical and legal issues, the promotion of inclusivity, dignity and respect and apply them to nursing practice. There should be evidence of critical reflection on working relationships, professional roles, team dynamics and the impact on patient care that advocates the value of collaborative working.

This assignment needs to provide a critical, evidence based, creative and insightful way of indicating knowledge of individualized patient care.

It must contain clear evidence of wider reading and a meticulous approach to gathering relevant information from a wide range of primary and secondary sources.

It must be evaluated and presented with original, critical and insightful reference to theory and practice with at least 30 primary sources referenced. Harvard referencing preferred. use attached for more instructions.

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