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This assignment gives you the space to learn about a certain genre or type of technical writing, and to reflect on the connections between its elements and its intended purpose. As you’ll notice, some of these are not strictly written genres. And of course, this guidebook is not the ultimate authority. Institutional contexts often shape how writing is actually practiced, so if you do consult this guide in the future (which I really hope you do!), remember that some expectations might be different in your role.

You will pick a genre that you are interested in, do some research, and write a short guide or cheat sheet for that genre in a shared document for the class. You will put your entry into a shared Google Doc. There are two examples in there already.

Each entry should have the following:

  1. A brief definition or overview of the genre, focused on its purpose, when it might be used, etc.
  2. A list of common markers or traits of this genre
  3. Tips or best practices, things to remember when writing in this genre
  4. 2-4 links to resources that might help folks write in this genre, including examples

THE GENRE is user manual

Exampel posted below

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