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This one is a doozey and i hope anyone can help with it.

Its a 2 part question:

Part A (Single or double spaced in landscape orientation): Critical Appraisal of Research. Conduct a critical appraisal of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected and analyzed by completing the Evaluation Table within the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template (Critical Appraisal Evaluation Table Tool Worksheet Template attached doc). The peer reviewed used include:

-Arslantaş, H., Adana, F., Ergin, F. A., Kayar, D., & Acar, G. (2015). Loneliness in elderly people, associated factors and its correlation with quality of life: A field study from Western Turkey. Iranian journal of public health, 44(1), 43.

-Donovan, N. J., Wu, Q., Rentz, D. M., Sperling, R. A., Marshall, G. A., & Glymour, M. M. (2017). Loneliness, depression and cognitive function in older US adults. International journal of geriatric psychiatry, 32(5), 564-573.

-Gilbert, P. (2016). Depression: The evolution of powerlessness. Routledge.

For Part B (1-2 pages, in portrait orientation): Critical Appraisal of Research. Based on your appraisal, in a 1-2-page critical appraisal, suggest a best practice that emerges from the research you reviewed. Briefly explain the best practice, justifying your proposal with APA citations of the research;

  • Title Page
  • Introductory paragraph. State the purpose of the paper in the last sentence.
  • Critical appraisal (see assignment requirements
  • Conclusion
  • References

I hope i gave enough information but if not let me know.


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