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Select a Federal perspective and consider which public services can be contracted out and which should not be contracted out and develop a Master Level detailed organized poster.

Use factual information rather than opinion.

You may need to rely on a combination of peer-reviewed and web resources.

Using web resources may be important to determine services that you choose to talk about.

Do not write about any services drug or alcohol related.

Develop a poster showing the results of what you found.

Include more than one service.

Give critical thought reasoning for why services fit into their categories.

If you are not familiar with poster sessions, see their guidelines at . A poster is just a visual display of your evaluation, highlighting the important points so that someone walking by can visually understand your findings.

Examples of posters and the process of a poster competition can be found at . More information can be found at… . I am looking for a professional graphic design and some of the tips in these websites will help you create a clear, concise presentation of your findings.

The “poster” should be on one page.

You can create it in Word, PowerPoint, or any similar program.

If you create it using other programs, please save it as a pdf before submitting.

Be sure to include your sources in APA format.


The requirement rubric for this “poster” is attached:

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