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Two paragraphs with one reference

Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina.pdf

It seems like we are getting our share of hurricanes lately in the U.S. While we may be looking in the rear view mirror a bit here, very few natural events surpass the 2005 Hurricane Katrina as a focusing event for Emergency Management. Here is a glimpse…

Video Links:

Hurricane Katrina Historic Storm Surge Video – Gulfport, Mississippi

Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge

There are many (many) videos about Katrina. Many people overlook that Katrina struck South Florida as a Category 1 storm first, before making history. Consider the above report – an actual public document (i hope you are seeing the trend here about the wealth of information you can find in such places). The 2005 Hurricane Season was one for the record books – other than the obvious amount of damage and scale of this natural disaster, why do you think this ranks among the most important focusing events in Emergency Management?

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