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EXERCISE 25 Noun Clusters

Write a paragraph of 100 words or fewer where you describe all the names and key
terms associated with something you’re interested in. For example, if you’re a fan of
the NHL, you might write about the names of the important players in the league. You
might name the trophies, plays, and arenas. This exercise helps you understand the
importance of names and other strong nouns in writing.

EXERCISE 26 Hierarchy of Detail

The most important nouns in your writing are people. But writing well about people
requires great detail. Readers need to see and hear the people you know.
This exercise requires you to choose one person in your life who you know well.
With that person in mind, write what we call a Hierarchy of Detail. A Hierarchy of Detail
is a simple point-form list of facts about a person that will help you gather details that
you can use when writing.

EXERCISE 27 Pronoun Revision

This exercise helps you to identify and replace unclear pronouns. In each of the
following sentences, replace the pronoun with a noun and/or make the pronoun–
antecedent reference clear. You may keep the sentence and just change a few words
or you may completely rewrite the sentence; your choice will depend on the severity
of the pronoun problem. Keep in mind, though, that rewriting whole sentences often
drastically changes the author’s meaning, and that is not your intent here. If you’re not
sure if a word is a pronoun, check in a dictionary. In addition, make sure any pronouns
you add refer back to the correct noun; likewise, replace pronouns with specif c nouns
whenever you can.
a) A strange car followed us closely, and he blinked his lights at us.
b) It says in today’s paper that the newest shipment of cars includes the Yaris.
c) At the job placement of ce, they told me to stop wearing ripped jeans to my
d) Any graduate student, if they are interested, may attend the lecture.
e) In the Prime Minister’s address to parliament, he promised no more taxes.
f) Erindale College wants to increase parking spaces but they don’t have the room.
g) Each of the astronaut candidates sent their photograph with their application.
h) Everyone wants to get their tickets before they go on sale to the public.

read file page 124-138

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