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1. Read the expert predictions put forth in…

2. Fill out the Coronavirus Will Change the World Worksheet and submit it here. You can type your responses right on the worksheet and then save and upload it to submit.

*For assistance in submitting a Word document to Canvas, click here for directions (Links to an external site.)

This assignment aligns to Week 1 outcome 1.1


Homework and Discussion Board Rubric (1) (1)

Homework and Discussion Board Rubric (1) (1)


Content of post

5.0 point

Exceeds Expectations: The homework/post supplied completely fulfills the requirements as stated within the assignment; the text is well written, following the rules of Standard English.

0.0 point

Does Not Meet Expectations: The homework/post supplied minimally meets the requirements with major pieces missing as explained in the assignment; the writing is unclear and contains numerous grammatical and mechanical errors.

5.0 point (point)

total point: 5.0

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