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Social Change – Solutions to American Social Problems

This semester we have focused on American Social Problems. In each section, we have learned that solutions have been proposed for a variety of social problems, some effective and others less so. In addition to policies, some individuals have organized and mobilized groups to create social change across the nation – they changed the culture. This assignment will focus on that social change.

The research has one major goal: to communicate how social change happens in society through the autonomy of individuals. You will describe the dialectic relationship between individual troubles and social problems by including the following information:

  • Who is the person? And where did they come from? [Short Bio]
  • What Social Problem are they interested in solving? Why?
  • What did they do? What actions did they take? [Strategy]
  • What was the outcome? [Did this affect policy and/or the US culture? How?]


Emmeline Pankhurst – Suffragette

Between 4 pages (WITHOUT WORKS CITED), double spaced, normal 12-pt font. Use research sources and not Wikipedia or an online singe source. Apply the materials, theories and concepts from this class in your paper to make your arguments.

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