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First, read Keyes, “Stop Asking Me About My Major” and Gaposchkin, “If Students Are Smart, They’ll Major in What They Love” (links on your syllabus) and reflect, just in your notes, on how these resonate with you and the way in which you think about your decision to major in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies. Come to class ready to participate in a lively discussion about this.

Then, read the rest of the assigned pieces and complete a one-pager to turn in on Thursday. (Note: Sometimes I will give you specific prompts for these one-pagers, often I will just invite you to use these to explore your own critical reflections on our assigned reading. Here is just a bit of direction to get us started:)

As you approach this first one-page paper (subsequent to reading the SU Mission statement and Leman’s “The Case for a New Core,” in addition to the first two essays) I would like you to consider how or if your SU education (the UCOR, your electives, and your major courses) seems reflective of the Mission and/or where it seems discontinuous with the Mission. In order to do this, think about how you have navigated the UCOR and other courses you have taken and how this has shaped your own educational trajectory at Seattle U.

How would you propose redesigning the UCOR (in relation to the rest of your college curriculum, including your major) to meet your own educational or vocational aspirations? In other words, what should a liberal arts education do? Venture a response to this first question, and then brainstorm about the following question: How could you imagine a curriculum to achieve these objectives?

(Instructions on how to write it)

A ONE PAGE PAPER is due in hard copy near the beginning of class some days. The quality and timeliness of One-Pagers taken as a whole can add or subtract from the final score for the course, beyond the 20% for participation listed in the syllabus.

  • Respond reflectively to the reading. Explicitly incorporate the text into your response, but do not just summarize the text.
  • Write at least 200-250 words. This is equal to about 2/3 of a page of 12 pt. Times New Roman font type with one inch margins, double-spaced. Please do not hand-write these one pagers. Emailed one-pagers are rarely allowed.
  • A record of solid, consistently on-time one-pagers significantly enhances the class participation portion of the grade, and definitely helps determine the final grade in close cases. Missing one-pagers negatively affects course grade beyond 10%.

What to avoid:

  • Avoid summarizing and do not try to condense the reading. Instead, comment on and develop how a certain aspect of the reading relates to your ideas or your development as a student. Say something you think is important and explicitly develop your position or question in relation to the reading.Remember to aim for complexity of reflection, rather than stating unquestioned assumptions or opinions.
  • Avoid writing about the first pages of a reading. It is not impressive since it implies you probably did not read the whole assignment.
  • Move beyond “I really liked it” or “I really didn’t like it” or “I agree” or “I disagree.” What exactly did you like or agree with and why? Especially, how does the reading relate to your ideas or to who you are as a student at SU? Give reasons and examples for your beliefs.
  • Avoid obsessing. Although this is not a “journal,” it is meant to be experimental writing. You are experimenting with various ideas, seeing whether they fit in or not with your views and goals.

Lateness: A late one pager most often means that you were not prepared for class, since one-pagers are integral to class preparation. One pagers handed in on time in class or handed in before the start of class time (when you anticipate missing a class) will receive normal credit if credit-worthy.

If you unexpectedly miss a class for some good reason, submit a late one paers the next class.

Late one pagers should be completed and handed in for late credit. Do not email late one pagers. This opportunity of late credit may be suspended for repeat offenders. The late one pager is not ranked as highly as one that is on time. But it is scandalous to neglect to complete the assignment at all; better late than never.

Since this assignment is so frequent, and judging the worthiness of excuses would be too time consuming for this type of assignment, lateness is not “excused.”A one-pager is either on time or late.UCOR is the university classes that you have to take no matter what)


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