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Keller’s big-picture thinking relative to work in the world (as delineated in Every Good Endeavor) can be interpreted as follows:

  • Design —God desgined humans to work;
  • Dignity —work gives humans dignity;
  • Cultivation —God continues to “create” through the work of humans;
  • Service —humans love God and neighbor through work.

What is your response to Keller’s big-picture thinking? What are 3 related implications for the role of human resource development (HRD) as a strategic function in any business?

Your written response must be in current APA format, double-spaced, and 800 words.

Include a reference page, and be sure to have in-text citations for the following sources:

At least 2 citations from Mello (2019).

At least 1 citation from Keller (2012).

At least 2 citations from related scholarly journals (e.g. Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, Christian Scholars Review).

Reference books

Every Good Endeavor 2012


Keller, Timothy / Alsdorf, Katherine Leary



Strategic Human Resource Management (Looseleaf) With MindTap Access 5TH 19


Mello, Jeffrey A.



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