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Write a 3-page (750 to 825 words), double-spaced, argumentative research paper supporting your solution or argument. Keep in mind, your goal as a writer is to defend your claim through scholarly research and convince your reader that your solution or argument is a logical and supported one.

  1. Pick the solution or argument that you consider to be the best one from the research that you’ve done.(Problem of Homelessness in my Neighborhood)
  1. Include at least five scholarly sources and proper in-text citations in APA or MLA format.
  1. Your paper must include a Works Cited or References page and acknowledge all sources that you summarize, paraphrase, and/or quote within the paper.


Your argumentative research paper should include a cover page if you are using APA and proper headers if you are using MLA. The paper must include a minimum of five scholarly sources such as eBooks, books, journals, or webpages that end in .edu, .org, or .gov.

Write a brief letter to yourself that answers the following questions as you move into English Composition II:

What did you learn from constructing the final project that will be relevant for you as you move into English Composition II? What do you still need to learn about related to academic writing that you hope to encounter? What is the single greatest skill you are taking away from this course related to academic writing? What skill(s) do you look forward to building more as you go into English Composition II?

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