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Hi for this research paper you will be discussing the Comparison of Lung Cancer Between America and China and their Remedies in the 19th Century-21st Century. I have already wrote 2 different outlines and templates to help you with this research. You are able to use any sources as you would like and you do not need to use the sources that I have provided as long as they are credible primary sources. Below I am going to show you what I had written to my professor and she said this was good so please try to stay along the lines of the topic that I have discussed.


Cancer, in general, has been a deadly disease and still is very fatal to this day. There were descriptions of cancer that traced all the way back to 1600 BCE from Ancient Egypt, but the history of lung cancer goes from not too long ago and was considered to be a distinct disease in 1761. During this time, medicine was on the rise because of the recently discovered germ theory which was a huge advancement in the world’s medicine as a whole and also a stepping point into modern medicine and lung cancer. Lung Cancer is very important and has been recognized by many countries as a very fatal disease. When it comes to lung disease some, symptoms follow from lung cancer such as coughing up blood, chest pain, persistent cough, fatigue, and many more. Unfortunately, there is no set cure for lung cancer but there are many treatments that have been proven to be somewhat effective and the main modern treatments for lung cancer are chemotherapy. The evolution of lung cancer in such a short period from its first discovery has advanced very far. When first discovered the death rate for lung cancer seemed to be almost 100 percent but due to new technology and advancements average death rate between men and women who contract lung cancer is roughly 50 percent which is still high but when compared to previous times this is a huge improvement. There are two countries in particular that I am going to be going over for this research paper. I will start by discussing the comparison in lung cancer and its treatments from China and the Western World and what future advancements will be coming toward lung cancer remedies. Also, whether these new remedies truly are beneficial to the patient or if it could potentially harm them even further. Between these two countries, their highest rates of cancer, unfortunately, is lung cancer with lung cancer affecting roughly 17 percent of all cancer patients in the Western World and 22 percent in China. As to the way lung cancer has played a significant role in society is that it brought awareness to physicians about what could be the cause of such a horrible disease, how it is contracted in the first place, and what are preventative steps that must be taken to action. The periods that I will be focusing on will be between the 20th century and the present-day 21st century. I will be covering what differences in medical practices that physicians in the Western World use to treat lung cancer and how Chinese physicians use to treat lung cancer as well as point out famous contributors to the advancement of treatment from renowned physicians from both sides. Such as the german physician Fritz Lickint who was the first to recognize the connection between smoking and lung cancer which had then led to a nationwide movement supporting anti-tobacco throughout the nation. Also, another notable physician was Paul Ehrlich who invented the use of Chemotherapy in the early 20th century. An important question that is going to be discussed throughout this research paper is what are the comparisons in the treatments for Lung Cancer between the Western World and China the 20th-21th Century, what did they agree and disagree on?

Make sure you answer this question. throughout the research paper: An important question that is going to be discussed throughout this research paper is what are the comparisons in the treatments for Lung Cancer between the Western World and China the 20th-21th Century, what did they agree and disagree on?

Here are some sources that I have found: feel free to use these but if you use other sources make sure they are credible primary sources:


Huilan, Zhu, and Wang Zhiming.(1993) “Study of Occupational Lung Cancer in Asbestos Factories in China.” British Journal of Industrial Medicine 50, no. 11: 1039-042.

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Tse, Lap Ah, Ignatius Tak-sun Yu, Hong Qiu, Joseph Siu Kai Au, and Xiao-rong Wang.(2011) “A Case-Referent Study of Lung Cancer and Incense Smoke, Smoking, and Residential Radon in Chinese Men.” Environmental Health Perspectives 119, no. 11 : 1641-646.

I have taken another version of this class before with the same professor and did a very similar assignment. I have my previous research paper that I received an A on it and would like if the paper that is going to be written be written in the same format style.

Also here is another outline for the research paper:


13-15 Pages

  • Title:
  • Introduction
    • Scope: time span and the location
    • Of the different cultures
    • State research question
    • Thesis statement: answer the research question
      • Evidence
        • Example: social aspect or political aspect of the topic
  • Main text / Body Paragraphs
    • Pictures may be used
      • Also can be used to help show evidence
    • Evidence 1
    • 2-3 pages for each topic for the evidence
      • Make a claim for the evidence and use quotes to support that.
      • When going to next paragraph add a good transition
    • Evidence 2
    • Evidence 3
    • Evidence and so on
    • Make sure not to add irrelevant aspects
    • IN TEXT CITATION (Last name year, p.#)
  • Conclusion
    • Restate thesis statements
    • Summarize what had been said
    • VERY IMPORTANT At least use one of the 3 trends of scholarships in the conclusion:
      • What is the nature of knowledge?
      • What are the modes of knowledge production?
      • What is the way knowledge is transmitted?
      • Choose at least one maybe even two
    • Evaluation: further research of relevant times
  • Works Cited / Bibliography
  • Must be author and date style
      • Chicago style
    • Example:
      • Book:
      • Reference list entries (in alphabetical order)
      • Example:
        • Grazer, Brian, and Charles Fishman. 2015. A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. New York: Simon & Schuster.
        • Smith, Zadie. 2016. Swing Time. New York: Penguin Press.

        Make sure the citation and everything is Chicago style and that any footnotes added must be a further explanation and not a place for citation.

      So below is the attached file of my previous final which is very similar.

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