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Phase 3 of the Research Paper

Choose what you consider to be another important event of the year you have. Research that event using at least five sources. The Internet can be one of the sources, but you should also consult journals, newspapers, magazines, almanacs, and other sources which are readily available in our library.

  1. Introduction
    1. General Statement: As new governance was beginning in America, there were important government entities being formed and new laws and regulations needed to help with a growing country.
    2. Specific statement: A judicial system was established, an office to protect individual’s rights, and regulations for new states were important.
    3. Thesis Statement: The Supreme Court was created and met for the first time, the first census was authorized, the U.S. Patent office was needed with the influx of inventions and rights of property, and several new states were added to the union.
  2. First Developmental Paragraph
    1. Topic sentence: The Supreme Court was established with John Jay the first Chief Justice.
    2. Discussion: First cases, structure, meeting arrangements, purpose
    3. Transition
  3. Second Developmental Paragraph
    1. Topic sentence: On March 1, the first U.S. Census was authorized and was completed on August 1.
    2. Discussion: results of census, how was it conducted, why was it considered a necessity
    3. Transition
  4. Third Developmental Paragraph
    1. Topic sentence: As new states were being added to the union, the U.S. Patent office became a reality to protect individual rights.
    2. Discussion: which states were added, what qualifications did they have to have, what procedure of acceptance was followed
    3. Transition (Concluding statement)
  5. Conclusion

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