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. I expect that you will use some creativity and depth when you are answering these questions. Your score will be determined by your use of critical thinking skills (problem solving) and persuasiveness of your conclusions. Be creative, what do you think are important elements to and EHR.

When you use other sources, please use APA formatting. If you are unsure of how to format the citations and references, there are many resources on the internet.

1)In chapter 4 of your Introduction to Computer Systems for Health Information Technology book we talked about RFIs and RFPs, in this exercise take part in the system selection process.

Scenario: Your organization is considering outsourcing all its coding services. Currently, coding staff uses the 3M encoder and computer assisted coding program. The first step is to issue a request for information. (20 points)

a.Evaluate the following results from your request for information and decide which three vendors to contract for a request for proposal. Write an explanation of which vendors you are choosing and why. (Table 1)

b.Now determine and list eight items that should be included in the request for proposal that will be distributed. Why do you feel these eight items should be included on the RFP?

2)Listen to the YouTube video below. Create a table to identify 10 items the physicians are expressing their frustration about in the video. As the HIM professional describe how you, will help him understand why these changes are necessary. (10 points)

3)Create a data dictionary using either MS Excel or Access for the required data element of the UHDDS database. Include in your data dictionary the field name, data type, and format. All this information can be found in both text books we used this semester. (20 points)

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