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Analysis Essay

Readings: “Mark Zuckerberg’s War on Free Will,” by Franklin Foer

“Rent Seeking and the Making of an Unequal Society,” by Joseph Stiglitz from second pdf page 387-412

In paper one we analyzed the effects of pervasive mechanical thinking on users. Stieglitz talks

about market ideology – particularly rent seeking behavior – controlling too much of american

life, arguing, “One of the ways that those at the top make money is by taking advantage of their

market and political power to favor themselves, to increase their own income, at the expense

of the rest.” In Foer’s piece, he presents Facebook as a morally unaccountable corporation, with

a potentially disastrous corporate ideology, but doesn’t necessarily invoke their profit-drive.

Answer the following questions drawing from both texts with quotation and summary:

Q: How does Facebook’s platform and corporate ideology reflect or relate to the “rent-

seeking” practices that Stieglitz outlines?

You should be comfortable with these terms and ideas before writing your paper:

– Wealth transfer

– Rent seeking practices, including rent, monopolies, natural resource sales, and


– The government’s role in propagating rent-seeking behavior

– Facebook’s influence over society.?

Requirement: focus on one topic idea and find precise qoutes. paper must be 2pages single spaced

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