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Scenario: During the onboarding experience, Daniel Chinn shared with all of the managers the two most important and most difficult management tasks when leading virtual global teams: trust and communication. He himself would say he still struggles with this even though he has led many global teams. Of the jobs you could possibly fill for the company, all will have the global team building as a crucial part of leading.

Despite the lack of technology currently used in PRU’s production processes, Chinn realizes that the quality control of the products and personal attention to its production makes the overall product more appealing to customers. PRU has gained an image of high quality that is superior to those methods used in China or other production sites. He would like to develop a team that will analyze those factors that work well in PRU and determine how these could be implemented in other divisions in the company. He would like the first team to begin with Shanghai and Richmond workers.

Chinn is tasking all new managers to explain their approach to creating the team and preparing the team members for the first meeting. This should demonstrate the manager’s understanding of high performance teams, roles/norms/practices of successful teaming, and anticipated challenges to mitigate. In doing so, the ground work would be laid for trust and collaboration within the new team. He would like this detailed in a five-slide PowerPoint presentation.

Slide 1: Introduction

Slide 2: Create a detailed five slide PowerPoint presentation on how to best approach creating a team and preparing them for their first meeting to promote trust and communication. ( use at least three intext citations per slide)

Slide 3: Identification of the best practices for creating trust in a virtual, cross cultural team environment.

Slide 4: Identification of the best practices for communicating in a virtual, cross-cultural team environment.

Slide 5: Detail at least three actions that can be taken with or for the team members at the first meeting (or in preparation of the meeting) that will implement these best practices. Explain why and how they will effective.

Slide 6: References

  • Be sure to consider the readings on teaming, and take that knowledge within the context of cross-cultural values as explained in the following resources:

Geert Hofstede’s renowned typology on national cultural values ;

Beyond Intractability’s extensive article database on cross-cultural communications and behaviors.

Cross-cultural communications

Communication Tools for Understanding Cultural Differences

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