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1) Poetry: List 5 images or metaphors that our poets use to address issues of family separation and/or death. Try to include both Bradstreet and Taylor (and please label).

2) Prose: Choose one of these –

  • Mather: List 5 points given in Cotton Mather’s account that were used in court to establish Martha Carrier’s guilt for witchcraft.
  • Edwards: List 5 vivid images (or similes or metaphors) that Johathan Edwards uses to establish what he believes to be God’s anger towards sinners.
  • Do not use quotes from the text without quotation marks.
  • Do not use a quote without explaining what the quote means in your own words.
  • Be sure to address the specific questions asked.

Bring these lists to class. They will serve as the basis for a freewrite at the beginning of class and also for group discussions of the excerpts.


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