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For a successful case write up, you will need the following:

  1. Case papers should address the key issues that pertain to the financial strategy and then make clear recommendations with as much support as possible. (Recommendations should focus on what the company should do given its current situation rather than what it should or shouldn’t have done in the past. Avoid simply restating factual info from the case. Keep the background to a minimum and try to focus on the analysis which starts with proper identification of the issues. Tip: A very good indication of some of the important issues can be interpreted from some of the questions at the end of each case)
  2. Papers should be no more than three double-spaced pages (not including exhibits) and include a cover page with your name, the date, the course number, and the title of the assignment (case name). Try to stay away from long quotes. You can safely assume the reader (me) is familiar with the case.
  3. Papers should be organized into specific sections. For example, Background, Key Issues, Recommendations with support. Keep the Introduction short and don’t be so quick to jump to the recommendation. If the issues are wrong, the recommendation can’t be correct.
  4. Late Papers will not be accepted.
  5. Your grade will depend on how well you identify the issues and argue your recommendation.
  6. All Footnotes and References Must use the APA Format.
  7. The answer is not on the internet. You may use the internet for additional background and information, but I don’t care what the company actually did. All that really matters is in the case.

Remember that you only have three double-spaced pages for text. If you wish to use charts or financial analysis to support your recommendation, use an exhibit. Don’t waste space by putting it in the text.

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