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Write a one and a half page, review of the production using MLA format. If MLA format is new to you, I suggest you google up OWL PURDUE. Purdue University has an excellent on-line writing resource center.

I want to make sure everyone is consistent about the way papers are headed and that everyone gives their review a title such as: Gatsby for the 21st Century.

Notice how I italicized Gatsby, that’s because it is part of the title of the show. HENCEFORTH: titles of plays are italicized, not put in quotation marks or left alone.

Attach your assignment below.

In your review you will answer the following three questions:

A. What was being attempted? In order to write about this you are looking for the “theme” or “idea” of the play. What is it about? This is not the same as the plot. You do not need to re-cap the plot at the beginning of your review. You can use your own instincts to answer this question and/or you can look at other reviews or critical writing. It’s okay to quote other peoples work – just make sure you give them credit. Length? A solid, long paragraph or two.

B. Have the intentions been achieved? Paragraph one demonstrated your attempt to understand what you saw. Now you get to start making some judgment calls. Given the goals you identified, how did the acting, directing, scenery, or special effects help or detract from reaching the author’s goals. Be specific. In this half page section, pick out about three particular things you noticed about the production, explain what they were and tell the reader how they helped or detracted from the show’s objective.

C. Was the attempt worthwhile? Here you get to say thumbs up or down. Maybe not in those exact words, though. A good critic does not tell us until the end of the review whether or not they recommend we see the show or not. Why? Because if they tell us what they really think via the title or first paragraph we have no reason to read their article. All good writers want us to read the whole thing – so keep your reader in suspense. You can even qualify your recommendation. Something like “It didn’t outshine the 1940’s version of Gatsby in my eyes, but if you liked…….you may love it.” Again, being specific makes the difference between a mediocre reviewer and a hot one. Tell us exactly why you want us to spend $$$ on this show or not waste it. This is the final half page.

I will grade based on how well you follow these directions and return for re-writes any reviews that substantially miss their objectives. Questions?

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