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Instructions for using Google Earth are attached as is the table for the Google Earth scavenger hunt.

Using Google Earth or Google Earth Pro (this is a free desktop version) navigate to the coordinates in the table.

Google Earth Instructions and Practice.docx

Google Earth Scavenger Hunt Table.docx

Create a document that includes the following information for each item – in the order found on the table. For #2 and #3 read the questions at the bottom of the table. You can use the table provided, and if you use Landscape rather than Portrait orientation you should be able to include a column for the screenshot thumbnail.

  • Coordinates
  • Name and/or description of what you see
  • Where it is located – what country? If it is in the United States, include the city and state (in some cases this might be the nearest city).
  • Thumbnail image

Upload the document as a pdf file – no other format will be accepted.

DO NOT just post a picture or thumbnail. You must tell me, in writing, what you see. Name it and describe it.

Part 2

  1. In the Prologue to The Sixth Extinction, the author writes about Homo sapiens growth and how human population has expanded and contracted over thousands of years along with our impact on biodiversity. What species is she describing in the opening paragraphs? What are some ways this species affects the environments they inhabit (live in)? How many major extinctions have there been before the current one? What happens to the planet during these events?
  2. EVACC seeks to keep species alive that are threatened or extinct in the wild. Do you think it’s a good use of resources to try to keep alive species extinct in the wild? Does reintroduction of the species seem feasible? Explain why or why not.

Do not use quotes – the posting must be in your own words and demonstrate that you have read the assigned chapters. Use examples

Write in complete sentences, narrative form, no bullet-points. 300 words minimum.

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