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Write a 3,500 word essay based on a case study (See Video). The essay should consist of two parts:

(a) Explain how a counseling psychologist might practice (2,500words):

1. Give client background and summary (assessment/interview). Use sources and include references.

2. Diagnosis (what’s wrong with the client)

Note: Patient shows disassociation from the trauma claiming she had a loving childhood even though she was sexually abused by her uncle when she was 6 years old. Anxiety symptoms along with trauma (NOT PTSD). No signs of depression.

3. Formulation (hypotheses on client’s difficulties)

Note: Claustrophobia and dentist phobia could be caused by her traumatic sexual abuse experience by feeling trapped or restrained.

4. Treatment plan (Choose one of the following therapeutic modality: CBT, person-centered, psychodynamic)

(b) How might the philosophy and values of counseling psychology inform research (1000words)?

I will send a video that goes more into detail on what is required for the essay and gives ideas on what you can write. Power-points are also attached. Please use other sources as well. This essay should be within 3450-3550 words, no more and no less.


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