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  1. Select one of the defense mechanisms from the reading and provide a description and a specific example the the defense mechanism being used. You can apply this to yourself or someone that you know.
  2. Compare and contrast your own family experience with Adler’s view on
    birth order. Is your experience consistent regarding his take on
    sibling relationship and birth position? Provide support for your
    response as to why or why not.
  3. According to the text, “Existential Therapy places central
    prominence on the person-to-person relationship. It assumes that client
    growth occurs through this genuine encounter. It is not the techniques a
    therapist uses that makes a therapeutic difference; rather it is the
    quality of that client-therapist relationship that heals” (p. 157).

    1. Question: What is your reaction related to this notion? Make sure to support your opinion with information from the textbook reading or other referenced sources.
    2. If you viewed the video, Good Will Hunting what role did you think
      the relationship between Will and his therapist play with respect to
      Will’s progress in treatment? video link

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