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research about the significance of sales letter using ethical approach (half-truth), and address why it is important for business writing professors to teach how to write sales letters. Also, you need to come up a solution for how the professor should present the information to students (ways of presentation are listed down below).

Definition of half-truth: Using some data but not all of it, oversimplifying information, presenting details out of context, or buying readers in a blizzard of data – all of these practices can distort the facts at the service of a faulty conclusion.

Tips for This Section:

  • Your discussion of the problem and its significance should be developed with specific details and examples.
  • This section should also contain research that supports your claims about the problem and significance.
  • Focus this section on negatives as you are discussing a problem. You will give the positive (i.e. benefits) later in your proposal.


Your benefits section should include the following:

  1. The benefits for the instructor
  2. The benefits for your classmates
  3. The benefits for you as a writer of the genre
  4. Specific details and examples
  5. Research that provides convincing evidence of your stated benefits.

choose the way of presenting the information:

  • website
  • brochure
  • instruction manual

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