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you just have to write the 300 words script and make a 5 slides powerpoint presentation (not including title and references slides) based on the instructions below!!

i choose to do an individual project

Project Overview

Your team will work together to develop a product that could improve the lives of people just like you. Your team will present your product to the class using the Motivated Sequence Pattern. The product is not required to be realistic; however, you will be required to present it as though it were.

Your specific purpose for the group presentation is to convince an audience of marketing executives to manufacture, market, and distribute your new product. The marketing executives have the resources to make your product a reality; however, keep in mind that they hear pitches for new products everyday. You must convince the marketing executives that your product is unique and that it satisfies a real need.

Your team will have class time to complete specific project tasks such as brainstorming and evaluating problems facing a general population, brainstorming and evaluating products that would solve these problems, reaching consensus on a product, brainstorming and evaluating ideas for the group presentation and advertisement, collecting and sharing evidence to support the problem and the product. As a team, I encourage you to exchange email addresses and meet outside of class to ensure a strong presentation.

Project Requirements

Time Limit: Your team will have 10-15 minutes to make your presentation. You have the flexibility to decide who talks about what, when, and how, etc. It will be required for each member to speak for equal amounts of time (approx. 3min). Note: it tends to work best if one team member is assigned to each step of the Motivated Sequence Pattern.

Research and Evidence: Each presentation must satisfy the three forms of proof (ethos, pathos, and logos).

The “Need” step must include at least 2 forms of evidence to support the need or the problem.

The “Satisfaction” step must include at least 2 forms of evidence to demonstrate how your product will solve the need or problem.

Acceptable forms of evidence include:

  • Statistics supporting the problem or proposed product
  • Quotes from academic journals, articles, or books
  • Articles from popular press
  • Testimonials from people affected directly or indirectly by the problem
  • Excerpts from literature (published poem, novel, or short story)

Prototype: Your team must create a prototype of your product (sketch, draw, model, etc) and incorporate it into your presentation. Using the chalkboard will not fulfill this requirement.

Advertisement: Your team must create an advertisement for your product. The advertisement may be a print ad, or a 1-minute audio or video ad. The advertisement must be incorporated into your presentation.

Style and Creativity: It is essential that the presentation flow from one team member to the next. It is recommended that your team establish a theme to link each member’s message to the overall presentation. Be creative!

Team Name: Your team must come up with a name for the fictitious company that produces your product. This will be your team name.


You will not be required to turn in a formal outline for this speech, however, it would be wise for the group to map out the Motivated Sequence Pattern and note transitions from step to step.


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