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Each class, students will be responsible for
reading three research articles and completing written responses to the

for that day. These responses are meant to facilitate class discussion of the
assigned material. For each

students will be required to write a one-page paper synthesizing the three
articles and include at least 1

question per article that they are prepared to bring up in class that day.
Article Response assignments

be turned in online via Canvas by 12:00 PM (noon) on the day of class
(Thursday). Only assignments

ON TIME via the designated link on Canvas will be graded. NO EXCEPTIONS.

following factors will be considered in grading: relevance, accuracy,
synthetization of the reading materials,

to which the responses show understanding/comprehension of the material, and
quality of writing.

New Roman 12

citations and intext citations

find the 3 articles attached

The three articles need to be synthesized
into 1 page (single spaced)

So only 1 page for all 3

Basically to combine the 3
articles into a coherent whole.

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