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For the Portfolio Project, you may choose to build a training plan. Identify a common training problem that organizations struggle with and the best way to address this problem. Examples of organizational issues include, but are not limited to the following: conflict, communication, team challenges, sexual harassment issues, change management problems, workplace bullying etc. You will also determine how to implement the training by identifying the method of delivery.

Your PowerPoint presentation, which will be presented to the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chief Human Resource Officer of your company, must include the following points:

  1. Identification of the issue and how training can address this issue.
  2. An overview of why the training is needed. Include the learning objectives that you have identified for the program.
  3. Justify your rationale for the proposed training method. Examine, through research, what other organizations have done, in terms of training methods, to address this issue.
  4. Create a flowchart of the process to conduct research and collect data for decision-making. Include the flowchart in your Word document for submission.
  5. Propose high-level training solutions, including recommendations and justifications for development, implementation, technologies, and assessment type.
  6. Explain how the training will be evaluated and how it can improve the organization’s culture.

Your presentation should be 14-17 slides in length, which include detailed notes under each slide, with support from 6-8 scholarly sources.

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