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Knowing-Doing Gap Paper

Reform efforts in K-12 education consistently have sought to improve gaps in the teaching and learning environments. In many cases, the gap contains many unknown variables that can either promote success or possibly lead to the failure of the effort. A critical component involves using quantitative data to target the nature of the academic achievement gap. For example, there may be issues with student academic research writing linked to the Common Core Standards. While the knowing aspect involves the structure of the research process, the gap may extend to unique variables such as prior knowledge of grammar, analytical skills, and the depth of vocabulary. Without effective data, policymakers and program developers have difficulty formulating effective data-based decision making in order to gradually improve the research writing capabilities for the students. In addition, the most relevant pedagogies require research and statistical evidence in relation to improving the skills for the students in terms of their overall research skills. 

The overall task is to formulate a visual presentation to a policymaking group on using data-based decision making to accelerate school improvement and to reduce the knowing-doing gap using a Prezi or a PowerPoint. In addition, there will be a supporting Microsoft Word document that provides background for your presentation.

Step 1: Conduct research on the Knowing-Doing Gap
Consider the following as you conduct your research:

  • Find at least two articles linked to using data in order to solve the knowing-doing gap.
  • Cite the articles using APA style formatting for the references.

Step 2: Develop a three-to-five page paper, not including title page and references that includes the following:

  • Discuss at least three strategies or components showing how data-based decision-making can reduce the knowing-doing gap based on your experiences and knowledge from at least two research articles (Cite the sources using APA style in-text citations).
  • Analyze at least two rationales on how the strategies or components can improve the knowing-doing gap for policymaking decisions.
  • Evaluate the applications of data-based decision making as a tool to promote the role of improving the teaching and learning environment.

Step 3: Create an Online Presentation using PowerPoint or a Prezi on the Knowing-Doing Gap
Create a 10-12 frame presentation to a policymaking group using an online presentation tool, such as Prezi or PowerPoint. You’ll need to create an account for Prezi if you do not have one, but it is free. Your presentation should clearly present the main topics of the paper you develop in Step 2. The presentation should include:

  • An introduction frame
  • A frame for each strategy and rationale in the paper
  • A frame for main points of the articles presented
  • A frame with references

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