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The starting point in preparing a synthesis is identifying the topics that should be included. You will be evaluated on what you choose to mention and comment on (because it shows what you think is important), as well as everything on the general rubric.

The information you will be working with will come mainly from your notes; however, you should also complement with information from the presentations (Canvas) and personal commentary. Online sources may be used to fill in any gaps you feel you might have, however, these must be properly cited.

Remember that this assignment comprises 15% of your grade, and stands in for your final exam. Please take care with the details!

Questions that you might wish to examine as you go along:

  • Which subtopics did you find interesting or compelling?
  • What sort of impressions or emotions, if any, did the material provoke?
  • Which part of the lesson did you like or appreciate the most?
  • Did the material help you come to any realizations about yourself or about people whom you know?
  • Do you feel that any part of the material might be useful to you, on any level (professionally, privately, etc.)?

You need not include all information from all lectures. Nor do you have to comment on every lecture. Pick and choose as you like and cut out what material you find unnecessary to go into.

Please try to make this your own, personal work 🙂 Huge swaths of cut-and-pasted text (even if properly cited) and ginormous images (chosen solely to take up space) should be avoided. (That being said, I very much like memes and gifs.)


Pick one of the following ways to formulate your synthesis:

1. Calibri 11pt; double-spacing. Minimum 8 pages. Files should be .doc, .docx or .pdf. No .pages.

religious discussed in class are

Religions of Asia(Hinduism, Buddhism)

Religions of the Far East( Daoism and Confucianism)

Religions of the Far East( Shinto and Tenrikyo)

Religions of the Near East( Judaism)

Religions of the Near East(Global Christianity)

Religions of the Middle East(Islam)

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