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Please read Chapter 14 in Technical Communication Today. This chapter, in some ways, will be a refresher of research tips and techniques with which you’re probably very familiar. In other ways, though, you’ll probably pick up a few new tricks to add to your repertoire of research strategies.

Once you’ve read through Chapter 14, please list and discuss your 3-5 main takeaways. Next, specifically discuss triangulation. What does triangulation mean for your proposal?

use easy words and easy sentences because I am an international student.

And you can research the book on the internet. like this, research chapter 14.

And my proposal I had post.

discussion 8 I wrote: The main social issue I would like to deal with is corruption. Corruption has been a graft issue in the community, yet a combined community effort can eliminate it. There are many cases worldwide where leaders and professional grab funds supposed to complete important tasks and use it for selfish interests. The issue increases the gap between the rich and the poor, leaving some members of the community rotting in poverty. It is directly related to my career objectives as a financial analyst. Financial practitioners should be transparent. Through transparency, every stakeholder, from the customer, to the employee, employer and shareholder are served justly. The issue extends, not only to businesses, but also to other ventures such as the government and non-profitable organizations. The people who grab funds, public and private, have the support of corrupt financial officers. The officers take role in designing the criminal activities and keeping evidence through their financial intelligence. The main stakeholders for the issue include the community, business owners and shareholders, buyers of products and services, as well as the government and private sector workers. Getting information on how the theft is done is an issue of concern, since the grabbers keep their strategies secretive. However, failure to develop the topic sufficiently might make me decide on another issue.

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