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Part A

The first person in history to discuss the theater and acting and the plots of drama and comedy was Aristotle. He devises an argument to explain why people go to see things like tragedies (or sad movies or scary movies). It is a good question. I won’t explain Aristotle’s reason until after everyone has posted their own answer to these questions:

1. Do you like watching sad movies and/or scary movies?
2. If you do, explain why. To me, at least, it is surprising that anyone would want to feel sad on purpose – but I do like a number of tragic stories and films.
3. If you don’t like them, can you explain why so many people do? You have to admit that many of the most popular films and TV shows involve murder, crime, horror, loss, and other tragic elements. What do you think motivates people to choose to be exposed to material that will make them scared or sad?

Part B

Using 300 – 400 words, describe how you would direct a version of either Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex or William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Name which play you have chosen. What would be your central theme or image? Where and when would your version of the play take place? (If you don’t want to modernize this production, explain why.) What would the set look like? What kind of costumes would the actors wear? What contemporary actors would you cast in major roles in your version of this play? Double-space and 12 point font, proper language, grammar and spelling. NO PLAGIARISM

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