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1. Assume that Forks, Washington, a community dependent on logging, adopted the following ordinance: “The mayor shall have the authority to impose reasonable restrictions on groups that use the town’s streets for activities that oppose the continued logging of old-growth timber.” A group, S.O.S. (Spotted Owl Supporters), challenges the constitutionality of the law. Is the court likely to find that this ordinance violates the First Amendment? Identify and briefly discuss three reasons for your answer

2. A freelance writer submits an article to your magazine that describes how to make deadly biological weapons. The writer tells you that all the information was gathered from materials at a university library. You ask to see the documentation for the article and notice that some of the papers are stamped “top secret.” You decide to go ahead and publish the article, but the Defense Department warns you that the information could be used by terrorists or foreign nations to produce devastating weapons. The Defense Department gets a court order to temporarily stop publication. What legal issue is presented by the court order? What test will be used before the court permanently bans publication? Explain the test and its application

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