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Respond by Day 5 to two colleagues with support for their models, or offer an alternative model you believe might be more appropriate. A few sentences and a question. Reply to Elijah as if you are having conversation.

Ammons’ Model is the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting
data regarding the performance (Ammons, 2013). It is a tool to evaluate
the quality and effectiveness of programs and services (Ammons, 2013).
Performance measures include inputs, outputs, efficiency measures, and
outcomes (Ammons, 2013). Many performance measurement structures are
limited to measuring program inputs and outputs (Ammons, 2013).

Performance measurement efforts generate information about program results and outcomes (Ammons, 2013). The
use of performance measures is driven by increased demands for
accountability (Ammons, 2013). Performance measures are inclusive of
related information to assist in program evaluation and resource
allocation decisions (Ammons, 2013). The Ammons’ Model measurement of performance consists of effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of service (Ammons, 2013).

The measurement evaluates performance and the areas that are not meeting the outlined goals (Ammons, 2013). The
Ammons’ Model provides an assessment of services as it relates to cost
(Ammons, 2013). The Ammons’ Model would be beneficial to the criminal
justice system to measure the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs,
first-time offenders’ programs, and preventive service programs. The
Ammon’s Model would provide the data necessary to influence the
investment or divestment of monies to the programs and services provided
to criminal offenders.


Ammons, D. N. (2013). Signs of performance measurement progress among prominent city governments. Public Performance & Management Review, 36(4), 507–528.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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