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Due 4/23/2019

Discussion 1: Training Methods

Since the working conditions of most trauma-response helping professionals are intense and contribute to burnout, stress, and vicarious trauma, it is paramount to prepare and train trauma-response helping professionals on the possible consequences associated with their work (McCammon & Allison, 1995). Trauma-response helping professionals need to develop strong coping skills and utilize support systems in order to handle trauma work.

For this Discussion, select an interview from the media carousel different from one you have selected in previous weeks. Once again, reflect on the occupational stressors that can contribute to vicarious trauma for that particular trauma-response helping professional. Also, think of how you would train this individual to prepare them to engage in trauma work and to increase awareness of the risks of vicarious trauma.

  • Post your thoughts on the importance of training trauma-response helping professionals prior to their engagement in trauma work.
  • Then describe the trauma-response helping professional you selected in the media carousel.
  • Explain how you would train the trauma-response helping professional to prevent vicarious trauma prior to his or her exposure to trauma and why.
  • Be very specific and use examples.
  • Use the resources and current literature to support your response.

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