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In this Journal you will record an experience or observation from your internship and use the practice to theory to practice (P-T-P) approach to talk about how student development theory can be used to help in this situation. Remember, the example does not have to be a crisis or a major event; the focus of the Journal exercise is on synthesizing what you know about student development theory and applying it in practical ways.


Select a unique experience you have had in your internship. As you write about your experience, include how you would address each point of the P-T-P approach, but do so informally, not by listing each step. You likely will not be able to apply, evaluate, and then reapply your interventions (steps 8, 9, and 10), but try to imagine how your interventions might be modified if the original intervention does not solve the situation.

Your Journal will typically be about 2 pages in length for content. Be sure to follow all APA style guidelines when completing your Journal, and follow the steps of the P-T-P model, which includes a theoretical analysis (so you will need to use student development theory and the appropriate references). Support your Journal with references from the textbook and other scholarly resources such as peer reviewed articles from the Library.

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