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The goal of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to practice applying the rhetorical appeals to your advertisement. Your job in Project 2 is to use the rhetorical appeals to help you analyze an advertisement in your local community, so it’s time to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to apply the rhetorical appeals. Here are the steps for you to take to accomplish this goal:

  • First, read the material and watch the video in the Rhetorical Appeals link in the Project 2 module (found under “Multimodal Projects 1 & 2”).
  • Next, attach a picture of the community advertisement you’ve selected for Project 2.
  • Finally, in approximately 200-400 words identify how the ad you’ve chosen uses the rhetorical appeals. Provide a single example from your chosen ad of each rhetorical appeal. For example, if I was looking at an anti-smoking advertisement, I might comment on how the ad is appealing to pathos (the audience’s emotions) by using a graphic image of a smoker who has lost his/her voice box as a consequence of smoking-related throat cancer. That same advertisement may appeal to ethos by using a beloved celebrity spokesperson whom viewers respect and trust.
  • Helpful questions to consider: How is the composer of this advertisement gaining viewers’ trust (ethos)? What can be seen in the visual artifact that makes viewers believe the composer is an authority and knows what he/she is arguing or selling (ethos)? What about the artifact’s organization (for example, large font or flashy colors) makes an attempt to sell viewers something (logos)? Does the advertisement seem rational in its description of the product (logos)? Does something in the ad inspire an emotional reaction (pathos) in viewers? If so, what is provoking this reaction?
  • Think again about the relationship among knowledge, language, imagery, persuasion, and power. Use this Assignment to help you begin to do the rhetorical and critical thinking needed for Project 2.

While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, Metacognition is critical to analytical work.

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