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Peer Response Guidance: Continue the conversation by responding to the initial posts of at least two peers. Look first for peers who selected different anthropological concepts than you chose. In your peer responses, examine whether your peers appropriately defined and applied culture, subculture, enculturation, and at least two other anthropological concepts to the scenario. Ask questions and offer suggestions if you think the concepts are being defined or applied inaccurately. Respond to:

Look guys, we should be more open to new cultures and ideas and respect their decisions to be separate from the community. This country is built on multiculturalism and not assimilation. For us to pre-determine their fates in our eyes, just because they have a different view than we do is an example of ethnocentrism and I know you guys do not truly think that way. For all we know their culture may not celebrate this holiday, but they may celebrate many others within their religion/system of belief. This may not be a cultural norm for them and it’s fine if it’s not. This is America and in this country all races, religions and creed will be accepted.

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