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Using the feedback you received from your instructor and colleagues over the last few weeks, you will now revise your rough draft into your final research paper. As you revise, feel free to continue to expand your paper by adding additional supporting evidence and analysis where you see a need. Have you incorporated the information related to technology, corrections, and any theories or policies related to the issue you are researching?

Your final draft must be no less than 4 pages, not including the reference page. It must be longer and more refined than your Unit 3 Individual Project. This paper must follow APA style format, and include in-text citations and a reference page. Be sure to proofread your final paper and run the spell and grammar checkers before submitting.

-Instructor Feedback

“This is a good introductory rough draft to a proposed problem that is worth exploring and investigating at a research level. Now you will now take this IP3 and build upon it for your IP4 paper. You can do that by expanding the annotated bibliography by turning it into a complete literature review. Be sure to use the template provided in UNIT 4 marked IP4 TEMPLATE. Below are administrative recommendations that should be applied to future writings. Keep up the good work.”

I will provide IP4 TEMPLATE see below:

For the IP4 assignment, you are “completing your final draft” by building upon what you’ve already completed in IP3. It is a two-step process, as follows:

  1. FIRST: Make corrections that have already been identified in your IP3 paper – and then build upon it. IP4 is your final draft and this is your chance to edit it to perfection, fix errors and add written insight into your final paper. Here is an IP4 TEMPLATE for you to follow:

  1. SECOND: Remove your annotated bibliography (aka applicable resources) from your paper and re-write it (or transform it) in narrative form (or in paragraph form) and then that will be your “literature review” for your paper. Your old annotated bibliography will be transformed into a literature review for your paper. Here are instructions on how to write a Literature Review:

If the links don’t work when you click on them, then please copy-and-paste them into your browser and they WILL work.

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