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The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to a new situation,new folk group or culture and requires you to carefully observe your surroundings and asks you to both describe what you felt and what other individuals might feel to have you among them. I expect a well-written, meaningful paper. NOT just a description of your experience. Students must reference important terms from their textbook and other information to support their paper.

Your assignment is to go by yourself (you may not take anyone with you) to a place you have not been before, and to observe what you see (and participate, if appropriate). Please note that these two conditions (doing something you have not done before and doing it by yourself) are important.  After your field experience, you will write a 4-5 page paper that includes the following:  

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Date and address of where the experience took place.
  • Length of time you were there.
  • Thorough description of the setting, demographics of target population you observing, what you were observing.
  • Your reaction to the situation in terms of your behavior/feelings. refer to important terms from your textbook that relate to this and to explain this section. Did you have any pre-existing attitudes toward this culture; Where did they come from?
  • The reaction of the other individuals toward you. refer to important terms from your textbook that relates to this and to explain this section
  • What this experience teaches you about being different from others in your environment. refer to your textbook to support this answer.
  • How such an experience might influence your development if you were to live or work in such a setting for a major portion of your life. reference
  • Concluding comments.

Listed below are some examples of places to consider:  

  *  A Protestant visits a Buddhist service

    *  A Caucasian visits a Black church and student organization 

  *  A hearing individual visits a school for the deaf

    *  A man visits a maternity clinic    * 

IMP: Do not choose a setting where you would feel like an intruder into someone’s privacy.  In some situations you may need to get permission to observe the group.  Use your good judgment. Do not place yourself into a situation that is physically dangerous to youChoose a setting that you truly want to learn about so you don’t feel like an “undercover agent.” 

 Criteria for Papers – This is not just a summary or line by line description of your visit – this must be a professional paper with references.

  1. 4-5 pages Not including title page or reference page
  2. Double-spaced, one inch margins, and 12 pitch font.  
  3. Title page
  4. Running head
  5. Headings in paper
  6. Introduction paragraph – meaningful – you might consider starting off with something about culture, etc
  7. Conclusion paragraph – meaningful – what you have learned from this course, how this experience influenced you, your worldview,and  your cultural competence
  8. Reference page (must include a minimum of 7 references in your paper & on reference page)
  9. Well- Organized, well-thought, logical and professional.
  10. Logical flow
  11. No grammatical or spelling errors.

I will upload an example paper.

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