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This Major Project is a 1500-2000 word essay that will require you to present a Defendant’s view of Criminal Law for the question below:

“Explain the privilege of Self-Incrimination from the following perspectives:

  1. Freedom of Speech
  2. Constitutional; and
  3. Criminal”

You are asked to follow the writing guidelines and the APA Style provided within the Resources tab. This includes an appropriately titled cover page, running head, separate abstract page, introductory paragraph followed by the body of your paper. All papers are to be submitted “Doubled Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt Font”. Make sure that you properly cite all references within the body of your paper and on your bibliography per the formatting requirements of the APA Style. See Syllabus for due date and maximum number of points available. Papers submitted late will result in a deduction of 5 points per day past the deadline so please plan appropriately.

Grammatical inaccuracies and incorrect references will reduce your grade. All sources cited will be checked for accuracy and your paper will be checked for originality. Plagiarism is not acceptable. This is an important assignment for you from both a substantive and grading standpoint, so please give yourselves enough time to create an outline, develop a draft and complete your final version. Undertake a thorough read through before submitting your paper. Many corrections can be found prior to submitting your final paper.

Make sure you write your full name on the cover page.

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