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You will be writing a thematic analysis paper comparing and contrasting Macbeth with one of the following:

Gullivers Travels, Modest Proposal, Rape of Lock, Beowulf, Siddhartha Gilgamesh, Chaucer’s A Knight’s Tale.

Choose a theme from Macbeth (knowledge, ambition, etc) and choose one of the above stories with a similar theme.

The focus of the paper should focus on how the theme is developed thoughout the stories. It should show how the writer uses character, plot, sequence, or other techniques to create a conclusion about this theme. For example, Shakespeare uses the genre of tragedy to show us how ambition can lead to an ultimate downfall. Then, deepen the conversation by adding a comparison and contrast to the another story above. For example, In contrast, the genre of epic glorifies ambition, which we see clearly through the way Beowulf boasts about his strength and then goes on to slay his enemies

The remaining requirements are in the attached document

This is a final culminating paper and must be top quality. All work must be original and must be checked for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

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