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10-12 slides 2 references

As part of the ongoing training for staff at AKT Hospital, you have
been tasked to create to create a PowerPoint presentation with 10-12
slides about various organizations that conduct health care research:

  • The presentation will include a list of 8-10 organizations that conduct health care statistical research.
  • Each slide will have 4-6 bullets and 100-150 words of speaker’s
    notes and pictures. Describe the organization, the type of statistical
    research that the organization conducts, and examples of the type of
    information that can be found in each database.
  • Students will choose 1 of the organizations and include
    step-by-step directions on how to conduct an analysis within the
  • Conduct an analysis within the organization’s database, explain
    the type of information that was retrieved in the analysis, and provide
    real-world examples of how the information can be used to create
    interventions, improve quality, and/or help to prepare an organization
    to meet accreditation standards.
  • Provide examples of how health care statistics are used in
    business for marketing research, advertising, operations, finance, and
    economics analysis.

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