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Learning Journal entry for each chapter.

there are 10 chapters

Each student is required to keep a Learning Journal for this course. The journal is to be set up as a Microsoft Word document with a table inserted. At the end of each week you will record one thing that you learned from the course during the week that you felt was important, and beneficial in your career.

The learning could be a concept or principle from the course material, something you leaned from research for your papers, something you learned from working on a project, or something that you learned from a fellow student either in class or from a discussion.

As an example: Learned-“China has a different value system or ethics regarding intellectual property than the U.S.; Why Important-“to understand when dealing with Chinese companies as the protection that we have in the U.S. with patents and copy rights is not the same in China”; How I can use-“when dealing with China I can find ways to protect intellectual property rights.”

Or you may have learned that: “In order for a company to be successful it must have a competitive advantage; I can use this knowledge when selecting a company to work for, since this type of company is more likely to be profitable and offer better career growth opportunities than a company that does not have a competitive advantage.”

Another example might be: “I learned from my co-workers or team members on the team project how to better listen to them and try to understand their point of view; this is important and will help me work more effectively as a team member, as I will likely work on teams during my career; I can use this knowledge and experience to be a more effective team member at work.”

The Weekly Learning Journal is to include:

Week No. What Learned Why Important How I can use

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