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In this task we will explore social causes and why entrepreneurial leaders should care.

(usually completed before class)

What do social causes and entrepreneurial leadership have in common? Isn’t a leader a leader? Or, is there a difference? Let’s explore causes entrepreneurial leaders have engaged in.

Course Outcomes covered in this module:

                      • Distinguish the differences between prediction and creation ways of thinking
                      • Assess entrepreneurial leadership characteristics for self- and social-awareness
                      • Evaluate the relationships among social, environmental, and economic value creation

Task 1: Design a Social Cause List

Research and create a list of social causes companies are already addressing. Add additional causes you are interested in. Use the template in Moodle as a starting point. Determine which ones you would like to explore further. Use the resources in Step 1 as a starting point for your research.

In order to accomplish this task you will need to explore the following resources:

Discuss (or think about) what role these types of companies play in the current business world. What type of leader can lead this type of company?

Design and upload your Cause List. Reflect on why you chose those causes. Need a template? See Important Documents for Module 1.

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