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Please thoroughly discuss the following questions:

  • African Americans comprise approximately 13% of the population of the United States yet nearly half (50%) of the incarcerated population is African American. Based on research, which factors may best explain high incarceration rates for African Americans when considering what proportion of the general population is African American?
  • Based on research, which factors may best explain the high number of African Americans (approximately 42%) on death row in the United States?
  • Define institutionalized racism and then evaluate whether institutionalized racism is to blame for these high incarceration rates. Please be sure to conduct a thorough analysis of the research in this area and cite credible sources to support your assertions.
  • Judges in some jurisdictions are elected. Based on your research, is it possible that judges have implicit racial biases that influence their decision making in cases? Please elaborate and cite credible sources that support your assertions.
  • If a jury who has heard the case recommends a life sentence instead of a death sentence, should a judge be allowed to override the jury’s recommendation of life in prison and instead sentence the defendant to the death? Why or why not?
  • How can the problem of disproportionate incarceration rates based on race be resolved?

-Your entire post should be at least 350 words in length.
-Support your claims with examples from scholarly resources.
-Please properly cite credible sources in the body of your work and at the end of your work include the minimum of two required references.
-No formatting requirements, just answer the questions.
-Plagiarism will not be accepted. Write in your own words.

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