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presentation on shore lock about 6-7 slides long

At the conclusion of the investigative process, teams will “Pitch” the “Why” from the research conducted. Each team will present the research, the program or initiative, the current initiatives, and “why” the audience should care and contribute. The “Pitch” presentations are worth 10% of a student’s final earned grade in the course.

Successful “Pitches” will include:

A catchy 90-second engaging opening to intrigue the audience and trigger interest. (10% of the “Pitch” grade)

A thorough review of the program, service, policy, or initiative (20% of the “Pitch” grade)

An explanation for how the program, services, policy, or initiative contributes to the overarching social implications of environmental sustainability and responsible business (30% of the grade)

All team members contributing in a participatory manner (20% of the “Pitch” grade)

A professional slideshow and in-class presentation (20% of the “Pitch” grade)

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