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– Provide historical context where appropriate.(400 words)

– APA format

– and there is the product introduction:

Produced by company, Anoto, the “Digital Pen” is a pen that organizes and transfers only specific data written down (might only register names and numbers, but discard scribbles or other unimportant writing) and sends it right to the online data a company may keep. This tech even has the ability to record the time and location of the data input. Essentially, this allows employees to record data (let’s say in a doctor’s office) on paper forms filled out by customers or themselves and transfer them directly to their online log without having to manually enter it again. The pen uses a special camera that reads only data it is pre-programmed to read (for example, only reading words written under a specific column or title on a form) and transfers it automatically to a specific data set in Excel. We prefer this one the most because we feel as though it is a very revolutionary technology with numerous business applications.

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