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It is a case in higher education administration. I need 5 pages essay,. think deeply,

Leaders and practitioners in higher education neede, thus engaging in what we call praxis. Need outside readings, as well as other experiences. Your written discussion and analysis will center on the issues and challenges, the actors, the context, and various options and courses of action, along with a solid rationale for any action taken. Your case study write up should be about 5 pages long, not including cover sheet or references. The case studies will be provided to you along with further directions on writing up your case analysis will be provided in class.

frame the issue

So need after all suggested solution and recommendation to support my analysis.

. You are simply to draw on any relevant material from our class (or even outside from other classes) as you think about, frame and analyze the issues in the case, and then as you develop recommended actions steps to deal with the issues that you see. As much as possible base your ideas on the readings

* It will be good if you analyze in order administration system wether it is linear or hieratic

The problem is retention graduation.

1- Engagement, involved,

There is a Student engagement problem and student organization.

The students need moor activities that could help them to engage on campus with other students and faculty. They need to open office for student activities, student affairs, and evaluation.

2- Acdimic, and curriculum issue.

The dean, faculty, and administers have the responsibility to do a lot of research to see if it is a majors or subjects issue or not. Thus, they need to search to find if the transfer students changes their subject or continue on the same subject. If they change their subject, they have to see what subject they change to, then tried to open new major that student transfer to, trying to keep them on university or and attract other student enrolled in University.

4- mission issue

5- structural perspective

6- political mood

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