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Introduction-This project is an opportunity to discuss what you think should be the highest
priority (aka: national interest) in the future of American foreign policy regarding one specific
country. Step 1 – Identifying the Issue- Identify a
critical issue in the US foreign policy relationship with one other nation.. Identify
strategies that could be used to improve the policy (a thesis statement). Step 2 – Gathering
Sources-Conduct research to locate three peer-reviewed academic journal articles (aka:
scholarly sources) that specifically address issues within the foreign policy relationship you
selected and meet the following criteria: The article must be no more than ten (10) years old
and more than five (5) pages of actual content (without graphs, charts, footnotes, citations, etc.).
Carefully choose those sources that provide a variety of perspectives on your selected topic. In
addition to the (3) minimum research requirements, you may offer “supplemental sources” for
essential current events information relevant to your topic. These may include academic
sources that are not peer-reviewed (position papers), newspaper articles, magazine articles,
and other legitimate sources. Textbooks, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias (including Wikipedia),
Almanacs, or an Atlas are reference materials and are not to be listed as sources on the
collegiate level. Provide the formal MLA or APA citation for each source.

Step 3– The Memo- Prepare a formal policy memo for the President of the
United States (POTUS). Your document should quickly explain how the President can
take your advice and put it into action. He is a busy man, so you must convey
information quickly and on point. This document should quickly articulate (in 2-3
paragraphs) the relevance of the issue, the current policy position (citing the supporting
evidence) and conclude with suggested reforms. The memo is to be 1.5 pages(single
space) in your own words and a maximum of 2 full pages in length with citations. No
more and no less is necessary for this activity. Keep citations to an absolute minimum.The formatting is to be single spaced; this is the protocol for a memo. Finally,
add a cover page to the front of the document and include the works cited page at the
end. This assignment
should not be more than 4 pages total.

Topic: My POTUS Memo will focus on the relationship between the United States and Syria,
specifically humanitarian assistance the U.S. provides in response to the Syrian crisis.

Sources that could help:

1. Achiume, E. Tendayi. “Syria, Cost-Sharing, And The Responsibility to Protect
Refugees.” Minnesota Law Revie w 100.2 (2015): 687-762. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24
Oct. 2016.

2. Crook, J. R. (2012). United states pursue multitrack strategy to address conflict in Syria.
The American Journal of International Law, 106(3), 652-655. Web. 24 Oct. 2016

3. Margesson, R., & Chesser, S. G. (2015). Syria: OVERVIEW OF THE
HUMANITARIAN RESP ONSE.Current Politics and Economics of the Middle East, 6(2),
347-381. Web. 24 Oct. 2016

4. Rugh, W. A. (2013). Obama’s policy towards Syria.The Fletcher Forum of World
Affairs, 37
(3), 147-150.Web. 24 Oct. 2016

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